All projects are significant investments in your company, culture and future. Each project is as unique in expectations as your organization is. By utilizing a team driven target value design process with The Alan Group, you will be taking a huge step in ensuring that your project delivery meets your needs and expectations.

While it would be great to have an unlimited budget, reality dictates restrictions on expenditures for operations and expansions / improvements for facilities. Far too often project design diverges from the initial budget and goals that a client may be seeking. This inevitably causes delays and undesirable compromises that may leave you unsatisfied which is unacceptable. The root of this can be for numerous reasons including misunderstanding of goals, scope creep, blurring wants vs. needs, failed team leadership, etc.

What The Alan Group brings with a target value design process vs. traditional design – bid – build is an in depth understanding and interpretation of your unique values for the project and applying those to your available budget. Value is extremely subjective and collaborating with the client, designer and general contractor will enable your specific values to be effectively translated into a project that will fulfill your expectations.

Emphasizing and establishing your value and conditions of satisfaction early in the process is critical. Prioritizing your list of values is equally as important as establishing the values. Common items for consideration are:

  • Functionality
  • Total Project Cost
  • Statement of Design
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Schedule / Speed to Market
  • Operation Disruption Minimization

We pride ourselves in our ability to align your goals to the project and using our expertise to deliver practical solutions to fulfill your conditions of a successful project. We look forward to being a team asset in helping you achieve your growth goals. As with each of our projects, your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority.