How a project starts lays the foundation for how it finishes. This is the guiding principle for The Alan Group’s preconstruction services. We work in concert with owners, engineers and designers. Our services include virtual design coordination, conceptual estimating, value engineering, scheduling and logistics. The Alan Group’s goal is to meet a project’s demands for scope, budget, quality and schedule to ensure its success.


The Alan Group is an expert in delivering successful design-build projects, from true design-build – where The Alan Group is responsible for all aspects of the design – to ventures were we design-build the mechanical, plumbing and electric only. We work in conjunction with highly experienced design-build subcontractors to deliver a project that exceeds the owner’s requirements.

General Contracting

The Alan Group was founded as a general contractor and has always remained true to its roots. We have an outstanding team of construction professionals committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. Our staff has decades of experience in new construction and renovation of all types of commercial projects.

Construction Management

The construction management delivery system allows us to work as a team with the owner, designers and engineers from the outset of a project. The Alan Group’s approach treats planning, design, approvals and construction as a single combined task, rather than as separate functions.


4-D Building Information Model (BIM) is the latest iteration of project management and project planning in the construction industry. It adds an extra dimension of information to a project in the form of scheduling data. The ability to integrate time-related data into a BIM model allows us to complete an accurate project program linked to data and graphic representations of components/systems, making it easy to understand project information. 4D BIM makes it possible to accurately show project information and visualizations of how your project will develop sequentially, at each stage. You can view our completed project animations on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

When you hire us for your project, all associated work is performed by The Alan Group staff. Services are not outsourced to other companies or laborers.