“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster

The Alan Group Quality Management program has been prepared by The Alan Group Construction Company, its’ purpose is to help guide The Alan Group employees and sub-contractor trade employees to fulfill the core quality value stated above. Fulfilling our commitment to quality requires the involvement of every project participant – The Alan Group employees, owners, designers, suppliers, and sub-contractors of every tier.

This Quality Management program defines The Alan Group’s corporate quality assurance and quality control policies on construction projects. The objective of The Alan Group Quality Management program is to:

  • Ensure that we deliver quality services to our customers while creating a competitive market advantage.
  • Provide direction to all project members regarding our quality policies, standards, and procedures.

The information contained in the Quality Management Manual does not provide details for managing all quality issues; however, this manual provides processes and practices directed towards certifying the quality of work on The Alan Group construction projects. The Alan Group’s Management reviews and updates this program periodically.

The Alan Group’s employees are required to implement the quality practices addressed in the Quality Management Manual. Other Alan Group service and support functions are required to follow the quality principles and practices in the manual applicable to their business function. All employees are expected to act responsibly and in accordance with these quality process to encourage the professional integrity of The Alan Group and to improve our customer service.

All Alan Group construction project teams shall follow the Quality Management Manual in preparing their Project-Specific Quality Management Plan. Many of the steps required in the Quality Management Manual go beyond The Alan Group’s contractual obligations to owners. While nothing in the manual may be read to expand such obligations, following the procedures described should help confirm that The Alan Group surpasses its’ contract obligations, and meets its’ goal of successfully completing projects while exceeding client expectations.

We pride ourselves in our ability to align your goals to the project and using our expertise to deliver practical solutions to fulfill your conditions of a successful project. We look forward to being a team asset in helping you achieve your growth goals. As with each of our projects, your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority.